Organic Fresh Content Test: Take 2

This is a new article to see if I can get a bump in rankings again.  I did this about 2 years ago, so it will be interesting to see how much the algorithm has changed between now and then!

I am currently ranked in the eighth position for the short version of my name.  Let’s see if this gives it a boost!раскрутка сайта во владимиреанальное гей порноitalian luxury watchesноутбук трансформер ценаkykyryza ru кредитпотребительские кредиты спбм видео кредит онлайнзайм 150000 рублей

How Does Fresh Content Affect Rankings?

I recently updated this site, as I felt it was time for a fresh look and feel.  After launching the latest model, I immediately noticed that my rankings began to slip, so I decided to dig a little deeper:


  1. My old site consisted of static pages (Including the index) that did not contain posting dates along with old wordpress articles that did contain posting dates.
  2. The new site originally contained only old articles with posting dates (Lazy, I Know 🙂 ).
  3. I dropped from #1 to #5 on average for my top term that I won’t mention, so that it doesn’t affect this test.

Test: The purpous of this post is to test if adding new content will raise my rankings.

Potential Results: If my theory is correct and Google decides that I am relevant again / raises my rankings, this could prove how bad old content could actually hurt your rankings.

09/10/201 Update: I am now ranking in the top position for the term mentioned above, which is okay to say now “zach griffith”.  Consider this test complete and heed advice when one recommends adding fresh content to your site 🙂53 FiftyThree Pencilаниме порно скачать бесплатноstrong female legsмалярная лента ценавзять кредит 50 тысяч рублейномер хоум кредит банка бесплатный100000 в кредиткредитная карта в евросети


I would seriously hate to be Jerry Yang right about now. As the drama continues to unfold, I am pretty sure that the Icahn and Balmer dream team are going to get this deal done in the very near future.In terms of quality results, both are so far behind the curve it isn’t even funny. Their only leverage in the market is being able to have their meat hooks in the out-of-the box PC market (which is slowly slipping away as well).

Let’s just say that even if the deal closes, they are so far behind in the game as a pair that by the time they get to Google’s search quality level of today, I think that they will still be eating Google’s dust no matter what.

Two train wrecks merged make one big one…Cleaning up a mess like that is not going to be an easy task.

If you are going to invest:

Short Term – Buy Yahoo and sell it once the merger has been completed and the dust has settled.

Long Term – Buy GoogleContiPremierContactкак укладывать ламинат видеоsexy legs womenкупити картриджвнутридневной кредит этоденьги в долг срочно химкикредит онлайн воронежикеа в кредит

Google Likes Flash Now :)

Good news for all of the creative designers out there that like to develop in flash…Google is now going to be crawling and indexing meta data derived from flash files. Just as soon as I got the news, I had to confer with one of my partners in order to see what the true value add would be.

We are both on the same page…It helps a little, but could be thrown in the same boat as the PDF documents that are currently being indexed. While it’s nice that they are getting a piece of the search real estate, they still will not perform like text based content on a standard html page.

Sorry Flash Devs :(утки и гусираскрутка сайтов в россиимагазин галстуковкупить кухонный уголок недорогоденьги взаймы в борисоведеньги в долг череповецхоум кредит белгородденьги в долг срочно брест

My Worst Editorial Nightmare

The Jewelry Store:

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I decided to start an online jewelry company. All that I had to do was get the jewelry, build a website and start making easy money. Fortunately that was not the case.

Building a website back in the day was far different than building one today. I started my adventures using Yahoo’s merchant services and tools. They had free website generators available, but you had to choose from their ultra boring designs which didn’t even come close to meeting my creative demands.

I decided to go with the Yahoo site builder program. This cut and paste program gave me the control to make the site exactly the way that I wanted it. I chose the platform and ran with it.

The site was coded in individual HTML pages as opposed to the dynamic page generation that is available today. I had over 100 pages that I painstakingly put together. I spent thousands of hours modifying this website in an attempt to not only rank organically in the search engines, but to also create an optimized shopping experience for the site’s guests.

And Then It Happened:

The site had been live for about 8 months when Yahoo decided that it was time to update the program. Generally I have no problem with upgrades. After all, without upgrades where would we be today? In fact, I usually get excited when new technology comes out! I did get excited, but not in a good way.

Once my software was through updating, I opened up the editor to make changes to a few product descriptions. When I completed the editing process, I uploaded my changes to the server. Next, I checked the live site and it literally looked like someone had taken every table and expanded the dimensions by over 50%!

I could not believe what I was seeing. My site was destroyed! I went ahead and uploaded the files again (thinking that it was probably just a glitch in the FTP transfer). It was still a mess. Now the panic started setting in. I was completely freaking out. All of my work was now destroyed and all of my site’s visitors were seeing the worst website ever!

I contacted the nice folks at Yahoo to find out why this was happening. They said that they had heard of this occurring with a few sites, but did not have any reasons as to why(Typical 12.00 an hour support answer ). My opinion about Yahoo tools would be forever jaded due to this string of unfortunate events. I learned right then and there that if you use free software, you could end up paying the ultimate price in the long run!

My Takeaway:

I eventually rebuilt the website using the same editor. I had to build the site from scratch in order to make it look normal again. I realized then that from this point forward I would hold the majority share of control over my business which was the only way to ensure its ongoing vitality.

Every website that I have built from that point forward has been coded by me. I took the time to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and more to ensure that this control freak could be pacified and have only himself to blame in the event of a glitch.

Were it not for the great folks at the Yahoo Software team and their upgrade / train wreck, I would not be where I am today!

Thanks Yahoo Site Builder Teamреклама на автомобиле за деньгиmalaysia escortsbmw outdoor car cover z4covers for carкредит до 100 тысячбанк российский кредит вкладыхоум кредит бесплатный номер телефонакредит под поручительство